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“When fishermen cannot go to sea, they repair nets.”
― Nabil Sabio Azadi 

Sky and Ray provides a canvas for talented people to realize their dreams.

We do this by being equal parts venture incubator, venture investor and family office. 
We create un-probabilistic outcomes.

We believe culture is the one thing you can’t over invest in.

We believe humans are poor substitutes for robots - we believe talent are not resources. 

The people at Sky and Ray have helped create Global #1 Applications, Deloitte Fast 500 Companies, National Entrepreneurs of the Year and companies with Billions of Assets under Management.

Investment Principles


Time diversity is as important as asset diversity. Aspects reveal themselves over time.


We prefer to wade into the pool vs. cannonball.


Is this an opportunity that is natural to who/where we are? What do we bring that is special to the table?


How many ways can we all win? Learning, new relationships, new insights, etc.


What secret (not evenly distributed insight) do we have that gives us an edge?


Who are the people? Values and what drives them. Do they have high EQ and a Record of Achievement.


What could blind side us?

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